Creating an Optimal Environment for your UPS System

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Environment is Key!

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a crucial investment in your mission-critical IT equipment.  In the event of a power outage or fluctuation, a UPS system is meant to protect against the loss of data, time, and damage to IT equipment. Knowing how valuable this system is to your bottom line, it is essential to keep it in proper condition. One simple way of up-keeping, and potentially extending, your UPS system’s life is by creating a healthy environment for the UPS. We’ve curated the following list as guidance to help you create the best environment for your system.

  • Locate in a clean/sealed room. This will help prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from getting into the system. If these elements were to get into the system, they could potentially clog or interfere with the system’s process and cause its components or the system at large to fail.  In addition to placing the unit in a sealed space, scheduling regular cleanings of the filters or components that gather dust or dirt can further prevent this issue.

  • Install UPS in a temperature-controlled room that does not contain any windows. An ideal situation would be a room with a temperature control system that operates separately from the rest of the facility’s HVAC system. Additionally, the batteries within a UPS system can only withstand and function properly at certain temperatures. Standard Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries work best at a temperature of roughly no more than 77°F. If the batteries were to operate at too high or too low of temperature it can cause them to deteriorate rapidly which could shave time off the UPS system’s lifespan and place loads at risk.
  • The final item that is key in creating a space where your UPS system can flourish is proximity to foot traffic. Human error is a leading cause of overall system failure. Therefore, placing your unit in an area that does not receive unnecessary foot traffic and only allows authorized personnel. This allows for minimal human error and only qualified professionals to be involved with your critical system.

A UPS system is crucial to your overall equipment and operation. Preventing early-onset deterioration by creating an optimal environment for your UPS system to thrive is a large part of ensuring your system fulfills a long lifespan.

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