Finding the Best Uninterruptible Power Supply System for You

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Finding the perfect uninterruptible power supply (UPS) match for your IT equipment can take a lot of research and time. As an expert and supplier of UPS systems, we want to help you find the best UPS match for your IT equipment in the simplest way possible. To help you find your match there are three key categories you should understand about your IT infrastructure prior to searching. Those categories are equipment load, environment, and user preference in technology.

  • Equipment load

Understanding the load profile (amount of power required) of the equipment you intend to back up, is important when searching for your UPS system match.  Knowing the amount of power needed for your equipment will help determine the appropriate size and capacity of your UPS system. It is also important to understand the type of load you are backing up and if you believe your equipment may have unique power characteristics or requirements.  Some equipment such as commercial printers, etc. may have inrush current that needs to be taken into consideration. The CP Warehouse team would be happy to assist you in determining your total equipment load.

  • Environment

When we talk about environment, we mean where the UPS system will be placed. A UPS system will have longevity and perform its best when located in a clean, dust-free, and temperature-controlled environment. Having a location for your critical power system that fits the qualities listed above will aid in narrowing down what system will fit seamlessly into your infrastructure.  

  • User preferences

Lastly, you’ll want to learn about additional features when it comes to customizing your UPS system for your critical equipment. For instance, adding technology that can remotely monitor and manage a UPS system. This additional feature can allow users to monitor the UPS system's health and other important factors while being away from the system. Additional features that can further customize your system for your critical equipment are battery types, rack mount vs. tower configuration, modular redundant systems, extended runtime, energy-saving features, and so on.

Understanding your requirements for each of these three categories can help you find the best UPS match for your IT environment. As an expert and supplier of UPS systems, we’re here to help you find the UPS match for your facility.

Need help finding the best backup solution for your needs?  Reach out to our team and let us know how we can help!

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