Industries that Require UPS Systems

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In today’s day and age, power outages are more common than ever. And while some industries can function without power for a few hours, there are others that cannot. So, what do those industries do when they experience power issues or outages? They rely on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. UPS systems provide battery back up power for your IT equipment in times of electrical uncertainty.

Today, we will be discussing the top industries that are dependent on continuous electrical power and require UPS backup system.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have essential equipment that supports patients in times of medical need. Hospitals, clinics, etc. have many life-supporting machines, and if those machines were to lose power, that could very well put many lives in danger. In healthcare facilities, UPS units are also used to offset the huge electrical demands of large pieces of equipment when they are starting. For example, starting up an MRI machine requires a large amount of electricity and by utilizing a UPS system a hospital can turn that machine on without questioning whether or not that large load is going to affect the power running to other equipment.

Financial Institutions

In Today’s world all financial transactions, accounts, etc. are all settled digitally. Without a proper battery backup in place, financial institutions could face substantial losses. They also risk losing other individuals’ confidential financial data if a power issue were to arise.

Emergency Services

When we talk about Emergency Services, we are talking about 911 call centers/police stations, government facilities, traffic control, and other similar services. If a power outage were to happen at any of these facilities, as a society we would lose structure and safety. For these reasons, all emergency service facilities require a UPS system.


Within the world of manufacturing, UPS units are commonly used to correct/support two main issues. Industrial power often is not known for having the cleanest sine waves and utilizing a UPS to “clean” the power will help protect more sensitive equipment downstream. Manufacturing has gotten much more technical in the last 20 years, and with the use of robots, UPS units are being utilized to protect the “logic” centers from being wiped in instances of power loss. This prevents expensive return trips from the OEM’s programmer to correct and reinstall logic.

Data Centers and IT Services

Similar to Financial institutions, Data Centers or IT Services run the risk of losing valuable data if not protected by a UPS system. If a data center were to experience a power outage not only, are you risking the loss of valuable data for an organization, but it also risks a potential cyber-attack. With the power out and the network down, this makes the facility vulnerable to hackers getting into their systems.

Whether you work in the industries listed above or not, all industries are prone to issues when power problems arise. Don’t risk the loss of money, time, or valuable data, and back up your power with a UPS system today.

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