When to replace your UPS systems

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So, you have an older uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system backing up your critical equipment and are wondering to yourself – when should I be replacing my battery backup systems?

We understand that this decision is an important, costly, but necessary one to make.  You surely want to make sure you have an efficient and reliable backup system(s) in place to protect your sensitive IT equipment and other systems.  Here are some simple guiding questions to help you decide when your UPS system needs to be replaced, upgraded, or even downsized.

How old is the UPS system?

Like other delicate technological equipment, a UPS system’s parts, and functions decay with age.  As a UPS system gets older, it is likely you will experience an increase in maintenance costs as well as a higher risk of unwanted downtime. 

In the graphic below, we have outlined the basic lifecycle of a battery backup (UPS) system.  As you will see, some UPS systems can last upwards of 12 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.  However, when considering other factors such as load level and environmental wear and tear, the lifespan of the system can be far less.

UPS life cycle

Are you losing energy efficiency?

Another item to take into consideration when deciding when to replace your UPS system(s) is energy efficiency.  Older UPS units will be less efficient than newer systems with updated and current technology.  Meaning, your older less efficient UPS system is likely costing you more to operate.  So, ask yourself, what is it costing to operate your current UPS system(s)? Is it worth keeping the older, costly, and inefficient UPS system than it would be to buy a newer more efficient system?

Is your current system meeting your current load demands and will it still meet demands next year or the year after?

You also want to take into consideration the load size on your systems.  Although your current UPS system may be able to support your equipment right now, will it be able to in a year?  Businesses are constantly changing in terms of size and technological demand and a UPS system’s load capacity may need to change with those demands where a smaller or larger system may be required.

Have the need to evaluate your current battery backup (UPS) system(s)? – let us know how we can help. 

We have a variety of uninterruptible power supply systems from leading brands that are ready to meet your current business needs.  We are happy to help outline any new or additional backup solutions your environment may require.

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