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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #2 (RBC2)

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The APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #2 fits selected APC Smart-UPS and Back-UPS, restoring power back-up capacity for home offices, small businesses and IT departments. This replacement battery cartridge (RBC) has a lifetime of three to five years, offers safe and reliable support to the UPS, and extends the useful life of your UPS. The APC RBC #2 comes fully assembled and includes easy-to-follow replacement instructions, making hot-swap installation simple. APC RBCs are compliant with international regulations and safe for transport. Prepaid postage and reusable packaging provided for safe disposal of old cartridges.

apc rbc
  • For UPS at home and small businesses supporting computers and network systems
  • Guaranteed compatibility with APC Smart-UPS and Back-UPS
  • Easy hot-swap installation without downtime
  • Reliable battery for power spikes and outages
  • Recyclable spill-free sealed battery
Technical Specs:
Brand: APC
Compatible Systems: BK250B, BK280B, BK300C, BK300I, BK300X116, BK350J, BK400, BK400B, BK500-CH, BK500I, BK500IACH, BK500JS, BK500MICW, BK500US, BK650-CH, PCPER, BK325-RS, BK3251, BK350, BI350-RS, BK0EI, BK474-RS, BK4751, BK500, BK500-RS, BK500BLK, BK500EI, BK500EIX114 , BK500EX114, BK500TW, BE400-LM, BE500-IN, BE500R, BE500R-CN, BE500TW, BE500U, BE500U-CN, BE550Y-IN, BE525-RS, BE550-AZ, BE550-CP, BE550-FR, BE550-GR, BE550-IT, BE550-KR, BE550-LM, BE550-RS, BE550-SP, BE550-UK, BE600-BR, BE600-LM, BE700-LM, BH500INET, BH500NET, BP500CLR, BP500UC, BP280, BP280C, BP280IPNP, BP240PNP, BP420S, BP420SI, BP240SUS, BP500I, BP500IACH, BP500U, BR500, BR500I, BUA420INET, BK600, BK600C, BK650MC, BK650MI, BX900R, BX900R-CN, SU420INET, SU420NET, SUVS420, SUVS420I, SC420
Battery Type: Lead- acid
Voltage: 12 V
Battery Capacity: 7.0 Ah
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.39" x 6.89" x 3.50"
Warranty: 1 year