Is a Pre-owned UPS System right for you?

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The secondhand shopping market grew by nearly 15% in 2021, this number marking the highest growth rate the industry has ever seen. People and businesses have begun to regularly buy used items for a number of reasons, some of the more popular reasons being that it is affordable and eco-friendly. We’ve even seen this growth in the critical power industry as more ‘pre-owned’ UPS systems are being sold and purchased. A pre-owned UPS system is often the right solution for a lot of businesses, could it be the right solution for your business?

What defines a UPS system as ‘Pre-Owned’?

Before we jump into why a used UPS unit may be the best solution for your company, let’s understand why a UPS system may be considered pre-owned.

There are a few characteristics that qualify a unit as being re-sold pre-owned, those being:

  • The UPS unit was only used as a demonstration unit
  • The UPS unit has very minor exterior damage
  • The UPS was previously used and is still a working viable backup system

Many of these pre-owned units are gently used and are often a great investment. Because not only are these units professionally tested and confirmed to perform, but also you can get these pre-owned systems at a significant discount.

Why a pre-owned unit may be the perfect fit for a company?

There are two main reasons why a business would want to buy a pre-owned UPS system.

  1. They only need the unit temporarily
    1. For example: if the facility the business is in is not permanent.
  2. Have limited access to capital.
    1. For example: if your business can not afford or does not want to spend a large amount on a brand-new backup power system.

While every business may have its own reason for buying a pre-owned battery backup system, the two listed above are often the leading reason.

Where can you buy a pre-owned UPS unit?

Secondhand buying is on the rise, so why not buy your backup power system used too?

You can start shopping here at CP Warehouse. We supply professionally certified single and three-phase pre-owned UPS Systems in various kVA sizes.

We'd love it if you'd consult us about your decision, or if you are not finding a specific system let us know.

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