Power Outages are Becoming More Frequent, Why?

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Could the number one largest threat to your power be the weather?

In recent years, this idea has become more evident than ever with storms and weather disasters becoming more intense due to rising global temperatures. In response to these intense storms, according to Climate Central, weather-related power outages have increased by 78% during the years of 2011-2021. In addition to that, power companies all over North America have discovered that since 2000 more than 1500 power loss events were caused by strong wind, large rain/thunderstorms, snow/ice storms, extreme heat, wildfires, and hurricanes. 

Climate Central - Power Outages

Over time the power grid that serves businesses and homes has become more vulnerable to weather disasters. Current intense weather patterns, caused by climate change, affect not only the demand for power from consumers but also, the extent to which power can be supplied. All things considered, the national power grid was not built for the current day, ever-changing, weather patterns as stated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This crisis has become noticeable to the Department of Energy(DOE) as well, as they launch their ‘Building a Better Grid’ initiative. The focus of this initiative is to fight climate change, enhance the power grid, and eventually be able to successfully provide clean energy to where it is needed.

Although action is being taken to combat this issue, it may be some years before the U.S. is able to completely have a hold on it. Due to climate change and the decaying national power grid, the lack of power reliability has a large effect on homes and businesses today. For now, and in the years coming, the weather will still be the largest threat to your power supply.

But you can still be protected! Investing in an uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can help protect you from any downtime.  Systems can be designed to provide you with enough runtime in order to save your critical information.  Having a UPS in place could save you hundreds of hours of lost time, wear and tear on your sensitive IT equipment, and save millions of dollars in lost productivity.

While these power losses are inevitable, that doesn’t mean your business or work has to be lost too.

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